Folding compact 60/80/100/120W solar power

– 3/4/5/6High efficiency monocrystalline panels

– PWM Control module for precise voltage regulation

– Carry bag and extension lead included for extra reach.

60W .80W.100W.120W foldable solar panel is the pinnacle in portable & convenient solar power when out in the bush!

Using highly efficient monocrystalline cells, it’s capable of generating up to 120W of power! Great for keeping batteries topped up, while powering fridges, lights, and other gadgets at camp.

Additionally, the included MPPT controller regulates voltage, ensuring devices will be charged safely and efficiently.

The kit also includes a extension cable, compatible plugs, and Alligator clips, which makes connecting to the Solar Blanket easy.

Along with this, because of the Solar Blanket’s design, it will fold down to 1/8th of its size. Keep the batteries charged, the drinks cold and enjoy the outdoors. The Deliesn Solar Blanket ensures that all your gear is running smoothly, so you can relax!

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