The A5AH26 city electric bike introduction video
A5AH26 comes with 5 different motor: 250W, 350W, 500W 750W and 1000W. And we also have the battery with 8 different capacity. That’s 10AH, 13AH, 14.5AH, 15.6AH 16.7AH 20AH 23AH and also the biggest battery 30AH. About LCD display, we have color LCD display in this year, that’s our newest display. For the front fork, we use aluminum alloy material with suspension so it will bring very good riding performance, riding feelings. Whether you’re looking to commute by bike, enjoy a fun family ride around the neighborhood, pedal to get some exercise, or just want to enjoy the fun and freedom of being on two wheels, there’s an electric city bike for you.Please contact us.